Monday, March 23, 2009

Au Pied de Cochon: Montreal

When my husband, Brad, and I went to Montreal last summer one of the top items on our agenda was a pilgrimage to the renowned restaurant, Au Pied de Cochon. The chef/owner, Martin Picard, has nearly single-handedly elevated traditional Quebecois food to an art form. When we arrived in the city we stopped by the restaurant to try to make reservations for some point that week. We soon found out that it was only shear luck that we were able to get a table there at all without reservations far in advance. So take my ahead! The 3-hour-meal proved to be transcendent. The decor was warm, spare and kind of place. The open kitchen reveals an army of chic chefs that would seem to be as at home at a indie rock show. I was very impressed, and can't wait for our next trip. Au Pied has recently published a new soft cover version of their "Album" (currently on its way to our desk...will review very soon), which is more like a monograph than a cookbook. Check out what Anthony Bourbain has to say about APD in this clip from "No Reservations" on the Travel Channel. Enjoy...try not to drool on your keyboards.

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Brad said...

That meal was epic!