Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Restaurant Week Boston: Aquitaine

On Friday night we happened to be out with two of our chicest friends in the South End (you know who you are). After we got out of what was an un-remarakle "art" show, we were STARVING! Well, we were in one of the busiest restaurant neighborhoods in the city during what we soon found out was "restaurant week". This is not good news when trying to find a table without reservations. So after a little wandering, and a few very full hot spots...we go into Aquitaine. Aquitaine is a romantic French bistro on Tremont know for is great food and sophisticated atmosphere. At first we were told there were no tables to be had...but after a little eye batting, and a fortuitous cancellation WE WERE IN! The drinks were unique and delicious. The roasted beet salad was amazing. Then the main entrees came! I had a fantastic tagliatelle with chanterelle mushrooms, which was some of the best pasta I've ever had (I know lofty statement). And because it was restaurant week...we of course had dessert. Chocolate torte and profiteroles with chocolate sauce are not to be missed. I can't believe we have lived in this city for almost six years and haven't been to Aquitaine before. This won't be the last time, for sure! Yummm.

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