Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hawaiian Hula-day!

So, have any of you been to Hawaii? We haven't, but hope to go for our honeymoon. Do you have any suggestions about what islands to visit? Where to stay to save some cash? Where to eat? We need advice. Any and all comments welcome about our 50th state!


torlina880 said...

Hey Gabrielle,
You guys will love Hawaii. Actually lived there for three years in Oahu. Have famiy there if you guys need tour guides. Oahu is definately very touristy and Maui is also now similar to Oahu. Kaui and the big island are the latest destination spots, but I still love Maui. If you guys go to Maui, definately check out Lahaina Village. Everything is walking distance from any hotel there. The hotel I stayed at when I visited Maui a couple of years ago was very inexpensive and I walked to beaches, restaurants, and local hangouts. Well, good luck on all the planning.


Gabrielle said...

Hi Tony!

You need to have a chat with Brad about this! I'm hoping that he will be spear-heading the honeymoon planning. It sounds like Maui is the place to be! I think we are trying to do two weeks, so want to try to pick two of the islands. Thanks again for the advice!

kristin. said...

I'll link your blog to Sara and Chris- they just came back from Maui!

torlina880 said...

Hey gabrielle,
TGIF! Here is the website for the place I stayed at. Totally loved it. Of course, all the hotels and resorts on Maui are on the opposite side from the Airport. haha. Went there for a 10 day vacation prior to meeting JR. Did luaus, biking tour which began on the top of the mountain and ended at the beach, and other fun stuff.
Have a great weekend.

Jean said...

I would definatly go to the island "Hawaii". There is plenty of History there for you to explore. It is also where volcano national park is. The park is "awe" inspiring and has tons of science to it as well. Not to mention, this island doesnt have many people to bother you. Its not the most tourist-y. Good luck.

Gabrielle said...

I think you have us figured out! Science, history, mountains spewing lava! That's our kinda place! Thanks for the tip. I'll keep you posted on the honeymoon developments!

Me said...

Went to college and grad school in Hawaii, 5 years.

The Big Island , or the Island of Hawaii, is great if you are into hiking, vulcanos, rain forest, ect....I love that island.

Maui is a bit more LA suburb-ish, but not bad either.
Oahu is where you have a lot of nightlife in Waikiki and such but you can find hotels on the North Shore that are completely quiet and calm.

Lanai is a bit to small. Mokolaki, well neither one is a good honeymoon location. :)