Monday, February 25, 2008

Restaurant Review: Baraka Cafe

I decided to include a new occasional posting for inspirational restaurant/food reviews. For the first of this series I wanted to talk about Baraka Cafe in Cambridge, MA. Baraka Cafe is a little neighborhood restaurant specializing in Tunisian cuisine. The owner/chef, Alia, has created an environment that immediately transports the diner to North Africa. Some of the specialties of the house include savory cheeses with figs, a softer-than-air chic pea souffle, fall-off-the-bone lamb, and couscous like you've never tasted before. I don't think they could serve a bad dish if they tried. Everything on the menu that we have tried (and we have tried most) is phenomenal, and an experience. One of the most notable items on the menu is the lemonade, which is flavored with rose water, honey, and mint (although the true recipe is a well guarded secrete). Every time I leave Baraka Cafe I feel like I've just taken a little vacation away from Cambridge. I highly recommend it!


kristin. said...

Yelp loves it!

torlina880 said...

Good morning,
Never been there. Sounds like a place we would definately love to try soon. Let us know the next time you and Brad go there and we'll tag along. Enjoy your tuesday.