Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spencer Finch: "What Time Is It On The Sun?"

The last time we went to MassMOCA in North Adams, MA we were taken aback by an installation exhibition by Spencer Finch. The artist, Spencer Finch, works with color, light and sensation as he explores memory and perception. Many of his works are the simple recordings of everyday phenomena he has experienced, such as the various colors that occur in his nightly dreams. He rigorously catalogues these experiences of color and perception, and re-presents them in a way that makes the viewer reexamine their own notions of memory. I was particularly impressed by his attention to the subtly of perception. One of his works tries to capture the subtle wind shifts over Walden Pond throughout the day. Although this may seem mundane, the experience he creates transports the viewer to the pond where Thoreau sought the same simplicity of existence himself. I was truly inspired leaving his exhibition! Check out the review from the New York Times:

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