Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meeting with Caterer

We are having a tasting with our caterer next week! I am so excited! I need some advice. What questions are "must ask" questions? Readers, help me out and post some of the questions you think we should not forget to ask!

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torlina880 said...

Hi Gabrielle,
Very excited for you guys with your meeting with the Caterer. Brad is working very hard at this time as I take time to write this comment for you guys. I would definately ask about their flexibility with last minute menu changes due to unforseen food allergies or restrictions due to guest religion. Also ask about costs for those changes and if the dinner goes on longer than expected. I would also make sure they are reachable by you 24:7 with any concerns or questions. Make sure you guys are really happy with them as caterers and with their food creations. Afterall, this will be the "meal of a lifetime" and will be remembered by you and your guests. Everything should be fabulous from the beginning of the catered affair to the very end...the cake. :) Good luck,